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To determine the performance characteristic of a given single phase capacitor start induction motor by conducting load test.
Fuse rating = 125% of rated current = 125/100 * 7.5
The single phase induction motor is more or less a polyphase induction motor. The only
difference is that is given supply in single phase. This motor connect and motor function
without any initial start the motor having some part which is called starter and rotor. These
are two types of starting a 1 phase induction motor namely capacitor-start and other is split-
phase. These motors are widely used in domestic purpose.
1) Before switching on the supply the variac is kept in minimum position.
2) Initially these should be on no load while starting the motor.
1) Connections are given as per the circuit diagram.
2) Switch on the supply at no load condition.
3) Apply the rotor voltage to the motor using the variac and note down the readings at ammeter
And wattmeter.
4) Vary the load in suitable steps and note down all the meter readings till fill load condition.
1) Torque ,T = (S1 S2)*9.81*R N.m
2) Output power = 2 NT/60*W
3) Effecting ( %) = 0/P Power/I/p Power*100
4) Slip (%S) = NS N/NS*100
5) Power factor = Cos =W/VI

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