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family pension payment system

The project family pension payment system is done for FACT welfare department, which is in charge of family pension payment system. According to this project pension is given to employee s spouse or his dependent while, the employee dies on his service. A wed based computerized environment is provided by this project.
Project tightly wrapped based on activities involved-employee s details, dependent details, bank details, pension code details, payment slip header details. The entire system 2 basic levels employee s level and dependent s level. From the employees level it is a system which contain information about particular employee. From dependent s level it is a system to keep details of a particular dependent according to specified employee. The system has been developing for getting pension to each dependent of specified employee in the field. Here we can enter or retrieve data about the employee, his dependent, his pension amount, his death date, pension date, pension payment to his dependent.
The entire project consist of 6 modules
1: Employee details-As the name implies, it covers details of the employee mainly name of the employee, his pension code, date of death, retirement date.
2: Dependent details-It covers the details of the dependent mainly dependent name, dependent address, bank code, account number.
3 Bank master-In this module bank master contains details about the bank
4: Pension code master-In this module it contains pension code, pension to his retirement date and pension after his retirement date.
5: Pension payment slip details-This module contains the amount of pension, date from pension is given, date to one specified and total amount.
6: Pension payment slip header-This module contains the slip code month, year showing from what period pension is given to the dependent
Family pension payment system is a web based application for providing pension to the employee s dependent, while the employee dies on his service. This project is being developed for fertilizers and chemicals Travancore limited commonly known as FACT. The Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd, popularly known as FACT, is a leading producer of chemical fertilizers in the public sector. The company came into existence, as early as in 1944, with the setting up of the first large scale Nitrogenous factory in the country, at Udyogamandal.
FACT has three manufacturing divisions, the Udyogamandal Division and the Cochin Division for producing fertilizers and Petrochemical Division for producing Caprolactum. It has also made a successful diversification into engineering fabrication by setting up the FACT engineering works (FEW). The marketing division at Udyogamandal handles the distribution of fertilizers, supported by a network of Area offices, Regional offices and Deports. The Head office and the corporate office of FACT are at Udyogamandal.
FACT s two fertilizer manufacturing divisions at Udyogamandal and Cochin together have, so far produced and distribute millions of tones of fertilizer Nutrients, which helped the farmers to produce over 50 million tones of food grains
Computer is an evitable part of our life. The project family pension payment system can be applied for all government companies. Every government companies give pension to their employee when retire from the service. As well as Government Issue pension to their dependence when dies on his service or give job to their dependence, when dependence is qualified. So this project is important to government companies. Through this project we can maintain pension calculation easily and accurately.
This project is developed for giving pension payment for employees dependent when the employee dies on his service. Using this project we can store, retrieve, delete, update employees and dependence details and also view pension payment dates.
This project has been done in ASP.NET as front end using C# as script and SQL server 2000 as backend on the Windows 2000 Server platform.

Analysis is the detailed study of various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and the outside the system. System analysis involves an analyzing the present information and includes introductory investigations, details investigations and including investigation.
System analysis is the process of gathering and interpreting facts, diagnosing problems and using the information to recommend improvement to the system. In brief analysis specifies what the system should do. It is a management technique that heads in designing a new system or improving an existing system. To achieve these things someone must analyze the existing system and articulate the need for information and someone must conceive the means of satisfying the need.
Identification of need is the process of identifying that there is a decision to be made. This is the first step in the system analysis process. Decisions can usually de identified by examining and analyzing existing data, presumably from the transactions and management reporting subsystems specifically, decision support systems provide managers with powerful tools to look at the data in new ways. Need identification is the simplest level of decision support. We need change over to new system. A comparison of the Existing and proposed system as to whether the system caters to the need of the user was made and a decision arrived at to go for the new computerized system.
In FACT pension activities are not computerized now. So the system is a manual one. This leads to an inefficient working of department and also delay. For a complete sequential ordering, a computerized wed environment is needed. Since the entire system is a manual operation it is difficult to get the analysis of data.
The proposed system includes employee details, dependent details, bank details, pension code master, pension payment slip details and pension payment slip header. The project mainly focused on pension management. The major application in this project is that easy storage and retrieval. The proposed system has the following advantages over the present system. They are time saving, easy calculation of pension, accurate.
The first step in the system development life cycle is the preliminary investigation to determine the feasibility of the system. The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate project requests. When that request is made, the first system activity, the preliminary investigation begins. It is not a design study nor does it include the collection of details to describe the business system in all respect.
A preliminary investigation is done in FACT and got an information that existing system taking a lot of delay. So the company needs a web based computerized environment for collecting details and also providing pension to the employee dependent while the employee dies on his service
The process followed in making this determination is called a feasibility evaluation. This type of evaluation determines, if a project can and should be taken considered very carefully during the feasibility .It is the part of system design process. The main objective of this study is to determine whether the proposed system is feasible or not. Mainly, there are 3 types of feasibility study to which the proposed system is subjected as described below.
The key considerations involved in the feasibility study is
Economical feasibility
Technical feasibility
Behavioral feasibility
The proposed system must be evaluated from a technical viewpoint first and if technical feasibility there impact on the organization must be assessed if compatible behavioral system can be devised. Then they must be tested for economical feasibility.

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