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report of seasonal goods in indi. - Guest - 12-12-2017

Hi am ANAND i would like to get details on ..My friend GAYATRI said will be available here and now i am living at ......... and i last studied in the college/school ANNASAHEB VAISHAYAMPAYAN VIDYALAY. and now am doing 11TH COMMMERCEi need help on .

report of seasonal goods in indi.


aims and objectives,

need & importance,

main presentation of data,

suggestions & opinions

Thanks & Regards
Anand Gavande

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RE: report of seasonal goods in indi. - jaseela123 - 12-18-2017

Products that are not available in certain seasons of the year or products that are available throughout the year but the associated amount and price fluctuation are called seasonal goods. Common examples of seasonal products are clothing, beverages, etc.